Arts & Crafts 3.0 seeks and selects artists, artisans, designers and small workshops that make these special and beautiful pieces that thrill us, to incorporate them into our catalog and make them available to the most demanding consumers.


What we offer:

– An exclusive selection of high quality and contemporary design artworks and hand-made products.

– Sustainable, eco-friendly and ethical production.

– Unique pieces and small productions.

– Products not overcrowded

– Employment delightfull and natural materials.

– All our pieces are Made in Spain


Arts & Crafts 3.0

Address: Rua Liberdade19, 32005, Ourense, Spain

Representative: Fernando Rivero Madriñán


Contact: Maria Jose Diaz Touza


Tel: +34 627944513


Please, contact us for questions or suggestions. It will be a pleasure for us talk to you.