Decorative hnadmade basket.

Materials : wicker, waxed thread and colored paper rope.

Dimensions: diameter 45 cm, height 6 cm

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Decorative handmade basket.

Materials: wicker, waxed thread and colored paper rope.

It looks spectacular if you hang it on the wall.

These baskets are inspired inthe fish trap that the Mediterranean fishermen did, in fact, they are made with a technique that is only found in the Mediterranean.
The artist has adapted these pieces to give them a contemporary style and turn them into beautiful decorative objects. The result of this evolution is a wonderful piece that highlights the complexity and delicacy of this fabric and the incorporation of color through the use of different types of threads and strings.

Diameter of the piece: 45 cm
Height: 6 cm

It is a piece by the artist and craftswoman Mónica Guilera, cistellera

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Mónica Guilera


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